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So I had the last week completely derailed by my boss, she has a project she was working on that I was only to edit a spreadsheet and send the ONE spreadsheet to the vendor. On Tuesday (a week ago) she called me into her office and dropped 9 spreadsheets on my lap, figuratively.

Most of them were pretty easy however a couple had pretty complicated calculations and I am by no means a expert in excel. I managed to complete most of them by Thursday except one. I needed a rate from a different vendor to do the calculation. I requested from our finance group and another department that uses the vendor our rate.

2 people from the finance department tried to help me and a guy from the other department tried to get the information. I also called the vendor to see if they could give me that number. I received no calls back.
Yesterday my boss emailed a contact she has to try to get this information and by the end of the day she still hadn’t heard anything.

I know we are now a week late on our deadline and since I am sort of in charge of the sheet, I am worried I will be the one taking the fall for the lateness of the sheet. So of course I have nightmares all last night about the spreadsheet.

When I came in to work today I asked my boss if she had heard anything. Then I told her about my having had nightmares about the spreadsheet. She then pulls a file from her desk and says “maybe I have the rate here”

She had the rate and I had the sheet done and sent within 30 minutes…
I mentioned this to one of the contacts that had been helping me try to find the rate and she said we should have a “you can backhand your boss” day each year.

I am all for it.